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Standard Abbreviations: Formatting
This is a locally derived list for South Africa. The Original list is at [[Abbreviations and acronyms]].
The full set of suffixes is not in use in South Africa. The Afrikaans Equivalent is generally a similar term as the Road Name. When commonly used for street names, the ZA Usage Verified column will indicate that it is in use.<br>Only the English Road Name suffix 'Abbreviation' is acceptable and used for Waze naming. If a Road is named 'Witbos Alley' and it appears on the map with the Afrikaans name, e.g. 'Witbos Steeg', it should be renamed to 'Witbos Aly'.<br><br>
# Road Names Only suffixes should not be abbreviated, only not the suffixesName, e.g. "Circle Rd", not "Cir Rd".
# TTS = Text To Speech for supported countries.
# Not here or supported ? The "When in doubt, Spell it out" principle always apply.
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