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Volunteer responding to your report of an unexpected or impossible route. It appears that you may have asked Waze for a route while you were located within a complex area, with multiple, closely-spaced lanes dedicated to different directions. GPS position information isn't perfect, so when you request a route from such an area -- for example, while waiting in traffic at a complex intersection or within a multilevel viaduct -- Waze can guess your starting road or lane wrong. As a result Waze may believe you are committed to a different direction than you actually are, and offer you an unusable route. We'll see if we can simplify things here to make this effect less likely for future Wazers, but generally there's little we can do. The good news is that, if you continue driving, Waze will recalculate as always once it realizes where you really are. Sorry not to be more help!
=== Late June 2015 routing-server bug for timed turn/segment restrictions ===
Volunteer responding to your report of being routed through a turn or road prohibited by time restrictions. The time restriction for this location has actually been in the Waze map for some time. Unfortunately, around 26 June 2015, a bug seems to have appeared that causes Waze to disregard some timed turn and road restrictions between Thursday evening and Saturday morning. Our tests indicate that the bug was fixed as of July 24, so all should be well now. Sorry for your experience!
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