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Creating and editing road segments

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Speed limit: wiki text
In some locations Waze has run a program to predict speed limits and assign the assumption to segments. When a segment has an assumed speed limit, the limit will be ignored by the app until an editor verifies it. WME displays a '''Verified''' check box next to the speed limit field. If you can verify that the speed limit shown is correct, check the Verified box. If you find it to be incorrect, replace the Waze-supplied speed limit with the correct speed limit (there is no need to check the Verified box). Either way, once you save, WME will stop displaying the Verified check box, since it is only needed until verified or corrected.
{{mbox|type=caution|text=Pay attention to the units type displayed next to the speed input field (mph/kph) and be sure to adjust your settings if needed to enter the correct speed.
NOTE: The "Verified" check box will not display when multiple segments are selected, even if they have unverified speed limits.}}
:'''''For more details on speed limits policies and how to enter them, see the [[Speed limits]] article.'''''