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User:Tonestertm/CRS grid bookmarklet

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V 3.0
This is version 3.0 of a bookmarklet (my first javascript code "from scratch" :) ) which will take the coordinates from the '''center''' of your screen and find the appropriate CRS Grid map. Occasionally you will may find a bit of inaccuracy at the edge of a grid, but in general it should put you in approximately the correct place.
The script includes some rough boundary checking to imake make sure you're in California, as the state hasn't been magnanimous enough to provide FC maps for OR, NV, AZ or MX.
Be sure to examine the popup closely, as it contains ihe the info on which gridyou'll need to select, and an '''approximation''' of the location within that grid. The table is presented for , rather than the script taking you straight to the assigned grid, to simplify those situations when you may need to access an adjacent map.
Be sure, before lowering any segments, to consult with a senior editor in the area. There are ''occasional'' deviations from the official map, for Waze purposes such as continuity along higher-typed routes.