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Special cases
=== Stop Point ===
The [[Places#Area placement|stop point]] for airports should be placed on a street the parking lot road directly in front of the terminal as is standard for places.
=== Category ===
With the implementation of [[Places]] multiple categories may now be assigned to an airport. '''The primary (or first) category must be ''airport'''''.
Additional categories should not be used. A bus stopBus stops, metro station stations or restaurant may restaurants merit a separate Place (point).
=== Name ===
==== Special cases ====
If the airport is on a military baseor is a helipad associated with a hospital it should not be mapped as a place.
=== Lock ===
To prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of submissions from "trusted users," '''Airports should be locked to level 4''', but preferably higher (5) in areas managed by area managers.