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Vietnam Wiki Editing Guidelines
'''<big>Complete Guide to Waze in Vietnam (under development)</big>'''
{{mbox | text = This page is also available in [[User:TserBK/Vietnam|Vietnamese]].<br \>'''Trang này cũng có sẵn bằng [[User:TserBK/Vietnam|tiếng Việt]].'''}}
== <div style="background:lightblue; border:thick solid lightblue">Getting Started </div> ==
=== <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Introduction </div> ===
==== Using Waze ====
One important feature of Waze is the ability for users to edit the maps. Every user can become a map editor. To start map editing, simply logon to the [ Waze Map Editor].
However, there are important information you must know before starting to edit the maps. Please continue to read on this page to find out more about editing maps, especially [[#Map Editing Guidelines |Map Editing Guidelines]] for Vietnam.
==== Points and Ranks ====
Please also take note on the [ types of edits which will trigger map updates].
=== <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Resources </div> ===
==== Waze Help Center ====
==== Wiki ====
This page is specifically for users/editors in Vietnam.  *You must read the [[#Map Editing Guidelines |Map Editing Guidelines]] on this page before starting to edit on Vietnam maps. *If you would like to contribute by editing this Wiki page and its sub-pages, you must firstly read the [[#Vietnam Wiki Editing Guidelines|Vietnam Wiki Editing Guidelines]].
For general information, you may refer to [ The Waze Wiki Main Page].
==== External Resources ====
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== <div style="background:lightblue; border:thick solid lightblue">Map Editing Guidelines </div> ==
=== <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">General </div> ===
As a result of people driving over them, road segments retain certain information (e.g., average speed) that is used in route optimization. When a segment is deleted, that information is discarded. Given a choice between deleting a tangle of segments and creating new ones in their place, vs. untangling them and reusing them, it is often better to "recycle".
=== <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Waze Map Editor </div> ===
==== Interface ====
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==== Editable Areas ====
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==== Permalink ====
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==== Keyboard Shortcuts ====
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==== [[/Cities /]] ====
(under development: defining cities, recommended practices)
(under development: defining roads, types, recommended practices)
==== [[/Places/]] ===={{mbox | type=construction | text = (under development)}}
==== Cameras ====
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==== Lock Levels ====
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==== Unlock Requests ====
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==== Update Requests (UR) & Map Problems (MP) ====
{{mbox | type=construction | text = (under development)}} === <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Recommended Practices (RP)</div> === RP for Naming Roads & Places (refer to subpages)<br />RP for Navigation Stop Points<br />RP for Junctions & Roundabouts<br /> == <div style="background:lightblue; border:thick solid lightblue">'''Vietnam Wiki Editing Guidelines'''</div> =={{mbox | type=construction | text = (under development)}} == <div style="background:lightblue; border:thick solid lightblue">'''Community of Editors in Vietnam'''</div> == === <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Channels of Communication</div> ===
=== Recommended Practices (RP) = Request for Unlock ======== Request for Level Upgrade ======== Application for Area Manager ====
RP for Naming Roads & Places (refer to subpages)RP for Navigation Stop PointsRP for Junctions & Roundabouts=== <div style="border:medium solid lightblue">Community Management</div> ===
== '''Community of Vietnamese Editors''' ===== Country Managers Local Champs (CMLC) ====
=== Area = Country Managers (AMCM) ====
=== Vietnam Community on Social Media = Area Managers (AM) ====[ Google+ for Vietnam]<br \>[ Facebook Group for Vietnam]
{{mbox | type=construction | text = For temporary reference= <div style="border: {{Specialmedium solid lightblue">Vietnam Community on Social Media</div> ===*[https:PrefixIndex/User/ Google+]<br \>*[https:TserBK/}}}}/ Facebook Group]