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When requesting assistance from such an editor, a PL created excluding the layer data is especially important. The extra map data is not needed for the unlock, so it only slows the WME page load, before the editor can actually do the unlock. That extra layer info also uses additional data on their cellular plan. Obviously we don't want to be a nuisance to the very people helping us!
Taking the mobile aspect one step further, in regards to smaller device screens. It it is often difficult not possible to select 'copy' a PL from between other commentsout of a single message 'bubble' in chat. Mobile devices usually only offer to copy the entire bubble. Some editors use mobile tools that they will paste the PL into. It is easier That extra step have to try to click trim out words from the PL when it is sent separate from your actual request an extra hassle for assistance, because it will place it in its own text 'bubble' on the other editors screenthem.
So try to follow this simple procedure when sharing a PL: