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Producing Useful PLs
**:The default PL in WME looks like this:
''Toolbox upgrades WMEs single default 'blue' colored PL icon, into multiple 'red' colored icons, all used to create various types of PL's. Simply hover your mouse over each red icon, and a brief description of what type of PL will be created appears.
The red PL icon located farthest to the right, is the PL icon used most commonly by editors.
Toolbox also offers the ability to ''toggle'' the excess layers data '''on or off''' from the default PL, by simply pressing the 'Shift' key.''
The Toolbox PL [No Layers mode] looks like this:
**:[ WME Simple Permalink] is another script that will also produce a PL with all the extra layers data stripped away. The WME Simple Permalink looks like this: