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Producing Useful PLs
Active editors may click on dozens of PL's during a typical editing session in WME. Having to constantly reset layers in WME to your personal preferences is not only a waste of productive editing time, it simply gets frustrating after a while.
''The default PL in WME looks like this:''
Toolbox upgrades WMEs single default 'blue' colored PL icon, into multiple 'red' colored icons, all used to create various types of PL's. Simply hover your mouse over each red icon, and a brief description of what type of PL will be created appears.
'''NOTE:''' ''Waze recently altered the data built into PLs, and the current version of Toolbox does not completely strip away the excess layers data. Hopefully this will be corrected in a future update.''
 :[ WME Simple Permalink] is another script that will also produce a PL with all the extra layers data stripped away.
''The WME Simple Permalink looks like this:''
*Mobile Editors
Often editors that are helping with 'unlock' requests, are accessing WME and the communication platform from a mobile device. They are very limited in what they can do in WME, and the typical smaller screens make doing any editing more challenging in general. They are also using cellular data, rather than 'unlimtedunlimited' cable/ dsl connections.
When requesting assistance from such an editor, a PL created excluding the layer data is especially important. The extra map data is not needed for the unlock, so it only slows the WME page load, before the editor can actually do the unlock. That extra layer info also uses additional data on their cellular plan. Obviously we don't want to be a nuisance to the very people helping us!
Taking the mobile aspect one step further, it is often not possible to 'copy' a PL out of a single message 'bubble' in chat. Mobile devices usually only offer to copy the entire bubble. Some editors use mobile tools that they will paste the PL into. That extra step have to try to trim out words from the PL is an extra hassle for them.
==== Asking for the unlock ==== So try after considering all the above information, what exactly do you do to follow use this simple procedure when sharing a PL:you created?  Easy, go ask for an unlock!
* Describe what you want - [locked level > your level, what you want to do, location of your request]:<br />