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= TEST ! Equal = =='''WME Extensions & Scripts:'''==
Do you use any Chrome Extensions or Scripts for WME yet?
''Remember that these tools will identify items that POSSIBLY need attention. Not every issue identified is actually incorrect. It may actually be a configuration approved by Sr Editors as an exception to wiki guidance based on specific local conditions.''
All extensions are available at the [ Chrome Store]. Simply view these in the Chrome Store, click to install them, and then do a ''browser'' refresh [press F5] when viewing WME to load the newly installed extensions.
''Toolbox for example is offered as an extension and a script. It may be easier to use the extension as you will likely have the three listed above running 90% of your time in WME.''</small>
''Once you have TamperMonkey installed:''
Another useful script for new editors who want to process Update Requests [UR's], is [ WME UR-MP tracking]. This can be a very powerful tool once you [ get familiar with it] and adjust it to your editing style.
=='''Tips & Suggestions'''==
=== '''PermaLinks & Unlock Requests''' ===
An important part about the editing community is interacting with other editors that may have knowledge about the specific issue you are currently trying to resolve. New editors will also follow along with a group discussion, trying to expand their own knowledge.
It is very likely that several editors may click on a PL that is shared in any communication platform. There are however a few nuances about using PL's that an editor needs to keep in mind.
==== '''Producing Useful PLs''' ====
*Centering Screen & Zoom Level
Taking the mobile aspect one step further, it is often not possible to 'copy' a PL out of a single message 'bubble' in chat. Mobile devices usually only offer to copy the entire bubble. Some editors use mobile tools that they will paste the PL into. That extra step have to try to trim out words from the PL is an extra hassle for them.
==== Asking for the unlock ====
So after considering all the above information, what exactly do you do to use this PL you created?