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URs with no conversation yet
=== URs with no conversation yet ===
This is an automated response to alert you that your report has been received in the volunteer map database. Depending on many factors, it can take some time for volunteer editors to process your report. Please consider adding details to your report by responding to this message using the app, or by using the Waze editor web site linked in the associated e-mail version of this message (but do not "reply" to the e-mail, as e-mails do not work with the reporting system). Any detail If your issue involved reaching a specific address or place, please say what it was, as Waze does not give the volunteers that information. Anything you can provide offer will greatly improve help the volunteer editors investigate the volunteers' ability map issue more quickly and effectively. (Open to investigate your report!any editor)
''Comment: This suggested automated response addresses four key points: (1) allows editors to open the conversation quickly on an automated or near automated basis without claiming any inspection of the UR; (2) informs the recipient that it's an automated response, so if the report languishes after this response the recipient does not feel that a human being has let them down; (3) prepares the reporter that it might take awhile; and (4) gives the reporter a means to improve the chances of a speedy and positive outcome.''