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=== Some examples will help explain: ===
*The angles of the segments approaching the nodes do not matter. Both of these layouts will give the same instructions, because only the angles between the nodes and the center of the roundabout determine which instructions are given.<br/>
*Each time you approach a roundabout from one of the three nodes, an imaginary X-Y axis is drawn: ''(1)'' with the origin at the center of the roundabout and ''(2)'' aligned to the entrance node.
*'''Coming from node #1, this is how we see the roundabout:'''
:*Both exits 2 and 3 are within the normal range (90&deg;&plusmn;15&#176; & 180&deg;&plusmn;15&deg;).
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*'''Coming from node #3, this is how we see the roundabout:'''
:*Exit 1 is within the normal range, but exit 2 is not within the normal range. <br/>
:*''Even though one of these exits is within normal range, the roundabout itself is ‘non-normal’ and both exits will get the "take the X exit" prompt. The entire roundabout must be normal to generate "turn left", "turn right" or "continue straight" instructions.''
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