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The throttling system is a mechanism that detects anomalies in the number of edits per time frame and prevents the accumulation of edit counts and points for edits. While many scripts are used for positive additions to the map, some scripts cause specific harm with the goal of quickly increasing a user's edit countand points. Scripts used for mass editing are allowed, but they may not always result in the increase of edit counts or points for a user.
The system was put in place to prevent cheaters from unfairly racking up points with large numbers of edits that do little to improve the map. Waze is aware of the value that some scripts have to the map but also recognizes that some scripts are used simply to gain edits and points. The throttling system is in place to allow mass editing but to deter cheating.
===How it works===
Waze has many thresholds for different types of mass editing activity. Once a limit is reached, the next save of edits results in no additional edits or user points credited. The transaction is followed by a time frame during which edits and points remain uncredited.
====Types of editing thresholds====
====Reset after throttling====
Currently, it takes a few hours to reset your ability to have edits count and points increase after edits have triggered the throttling system. The exact time frame is internal and may change occasionally.
===Throttling vs. Cheating===
Waze defines cheating as performing edits to the map that do not add value to unfairly move up in rank. Throttling is one of the current methods we use to identify these types of edits, when done on a massive scale. Not all mass massive edits equal cheating, and not all throttling is as a result of cheating behavior. The system currently does not differentiate between “good” and “bad” mass editing behavior. Contributing to the map with the use of scripts and mass editing is allowed; however, it may trigger the throttling system.
==Regression Checker==