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====Manual locks (User locks)====
Manual locks are used in countries where automatic traffic locks are not enabled, and they can also be used in cases where automatic locks are enabled but are insufficient. Some countries or regions within countries have agreed upon manual lock standards by road type.
==Place locks==
Places are also protected by a system of locks. In contrast to segment locks, with which users can make no changes to segments locked above their rank, changes to places can be submitted by any Waze user. However, changes submitted by users to places that are locked above their rank must be reviewed and approved by editors with rank greater than or equal to the lock level of the place.
Also, new places may be added by any user. However, places added by new users are also subject to moderation. After moderators approve a certain number of new places added by a user, the user becomes trusted and can add places to the map without moderation.
For more information, see [url=]Place Updates Moderation[/url].