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New York State has had a significant number of Update Requests created within its borders, creating a unique testing grounds for what works, and what does not, when it comes to handling Update Requests [UR].
== History of NYS URs ==
During the Fall of 2014, there was Map Raid conducted in the general NYC Region, and at its conclusion all pending URs had been 'flushed' from the map. At the time it may have seemed like a huge victory against the seemingly never ending flow of URs.
However, despite the best efforts of the newest generation of NY based editors, as well as the occasional visiting editors, it never seemed like the UR issue was getting any better.
== UR Data Collection ==
Data collection about the URs of NYS began at the end of December 2015, using the 'stats' section of the UR-MP script. The collection of the data was refined and eventually was formatted in a way that we could look at it and review exactly how bad the UR situation was in NYS.
[[File:Top 10 UR-MP Stats.png|200px|framedframeless|centerleft|NYS UR-MP Stats [(Dec 2015 - Jan 2016)]]] == Why do URs matter == == Processing URs ==   
[[File:Top 10 UR-MP Stats.png|200px|frameless|center|NYS UR-MP Stats [Dec 2015 - Jan 2016]]]