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Hopefully by now, most of you have heard or read, 'Quality Over Quantity". Most editors understand what that means, but for some reason it is quickly dismissed when processing URs!
Corporate America has done significant research and determined that most customers will not bother to complainabout poor service issues, and they simply go somewhere elsein the future. Modern society expects instant gratification perfection and insists on perfectioninstant gratification, even from a 'free' app like Waze. There are so many alternatives available for GPS, that we must take extra care that we not leave any user dissatisfied with Waze, or the data that we as editors manage in WME.
So now consider that some user of the Waze app, had something not function as they expected, and that they bothered to submit a UR. That UR is possibly the one and only chance, we as editors, have to make the Waze experience better for that user. There are so many alternatives available for GPS, that we must take extra care to not leave any user dissatisfied with Waze or its data, that we as editors manage in WME.
Poorly handled URs will likely will result in disengaged users that could eventually uninstall Waze.  Lower user counts number of users will likely decrease sales of the Ads seen in app AdsWaze.  Those Ads are what pay the expenses to keep the app free.
Less users, lead to less ads, which leads to less need for editors!
== Scenarios To Consider ==
#Assumptions: ''Many editors are have been taught to make take the approach of making an educated guesses about URs issue and then simply close themthe UR, with the goal of 'keeping their area clean'. '' However, consider this could result in incorrect assumptions about the actual issue, resulting in a confusing experience for the user. Imagine a user submits a UR about a newly constructed housing tract they live in. They send a 'General' UR type with no additional information , as they pull out for work in the morning. An editor then finds the UR, and notices something odd in the name of the main an adjacent road in WME, fixes that and closes the UR with a comment about 'road renamed'. The user now wonders if Waze staff is incompetent [many users think that Waze staff does handles the editing, not volunteersURs], and the user sees the street is still missingfrom Waze. Even worse is the editor that simply closes that UR with out a any comment, leaving the issue unresolved and likely an angry user. Avoid 'educated guesses' and assumptions. ''ASK FOR MORE INFOEVERY TIME!''#Age of URs: ''Many editors have personal opinions on how old it is to old for processing a UR. After a UR is XX days old, meaning they consider processing it is simply a waste of time to send requests for info to any UR that is XX days old. '' There were URs discovered in remote areas of NYS that were 3+ years old. Each UR was sent the standard request for additional information. Many were not responded to, and were eventually closed as "Not Identified". However, there were also several dozen that DID respond, and provided enough information to help fix major issues with the current map data. This included adding an entire housing tract, including street names and house numbers!
#Reminders: Many editors consider 'Reminders' another waste of time. Let us consider how busy each of us are, and how often we have to reschedule tasks, or simple forgot to do something. Why should do we think Waze users are any different. We all need a reminder from time to time. Leaving a UR on the map for another week does no harm. It can end up being very useful if the user responds to the reminder, and provides information that helps resolve an issue with map data.
#Weekend Warrior: This is an expansion on the Reminder comments above, but it deserves its own explanation. ''Many people that own GPS devices often only use them when they are going on a special trip or to a new destination. Many of them do NOT use the GPS to navigate to/ from home/ work, because they feel they 'already know how to get there'. So a '' Consider the parent taking the kids to the 'away game' may , and they use the GPS to get to the sporting event. Family outings to a park or camp grounds over the weekend. Special events like NASCAR races and NFL games are not usually something we do every week and 'know how to get there'. So a user opens Waze of Saturday morning, has an issue on the way to the 'event' and sends a UR, and then later Saturday night closes Waze. Sunday or Monday an editor finds the UR and requests more info, and then 3 or 4 days later, closes it since they did not get a reply. Even if you waited as long as 7 days, but did not send a reminder, there is still a significant chance you will close the UR before the user ever opens Waze again. This leads back to the disengaged user mentioned above.
== Processing URs ==