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North Carolina/NC Speed Limit Mapraid

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North Carolina guidelines
====North Carolina guidelines====
<div style="float:right;text-align:middle">[[File:Reduce_Speed_1.png|50px|thumb|center|'''Reduced Speed Ahead'''<br/>Without Speed Limit]]<br/>[[File:Reduce_Speed_2.png|50px|thumb|center|'''Reduced Speed Ahead'''<br/>With Speed Limit]]
</div>  * If there is no SV, '''do not''' map SLspeed limits unless there is a corresponding UR or an exception below.
** Do not guess. If there is no SV and there is no information from local drivers, we cannot know if there are signs. The only exclusion is if you have information from someone who has recently driven on the street or from local ordinances listing speed limits.
**If you '''do not know''' the speed limit for a segment '''leave it blank'''. It is safer to not set a speed limit then to get it wrong.
*If you find a sign saying Reduced Speed Ahead = XX. Then usually about 1000 feet down the road you will find the New Speed limit sign, add a junction at the sign and make the speed limit change there.
*Speed limits for School Zones should be set as the non-school hours speed limit of the road.
*Military Installations have a 30 MPH speed limit with On-Base housing 15 MPH, unless otherwise posted.
<div style="float:right;text-align:middle">
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center"
| [[image:Reduce_Speed_1.png|120px]]
| [[image:Reduce_Speed_2.png|120px]]
| [[image:Reduce_Speed_3.png|120px]]
| [[image:Citywide_SL.png|120px]]
| '''Reduced Speed Ahead'''<br/>Without Speed Limit
| '''Reduced Speed Ahead'''<br/>With Speed Limit
| '''Begin 35'''<br/>1000 Feet Ahead
| '''Citywide Speed Limit'''<br/>Unless Otherwise Posted
North Carolina statutory speed limit laws are:
=== Update Requests (URs) ===
Some editors have made URs about speed limits they have seen on the road. These all contain the string "mph"or are tagged with [WSLM]. If you can find these URs, you can use them to help you set the correct speed limit on that segment.
Do not just update the speed limit on one segment where the UR was and close the UR. Do your research and update the speed limit on that whole section of road where the user has driven. Additionally, add any speed limits on any easily correctable segments such as connecting roads with visible speed limit signs. After all of that has been completed, please follow correct procedure with closing speed limit URs with appropriate closing comments. If you have concerns about one that needs to be closed, please let your group leader know.