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[[Speed limits/USA|Click to view the USA Speed Limits Wiki Page]]
=== {{@|Where speed limits change}} ===
Speed limits should change where they legally go in effect for your state, that may be at the sign, a specified distance before the sign, or the nearest intersection. When a speed limit changes in the middle of a segment, {{u|a new junction should be added to support the SL change}}.
| the rationale behind these rules.}}
==== {{@|Work zones}} ====[[File:Mbox construction yellow.png|150px120px|right]][[File:Work zone SL.png|150px120px|right|Work Zone Speed Limit sign]]
Speed limits in work zones are often lowered to protect workers and prevent collisions. If these speed limits appear on regulatory black and white signs, they '''MAY''' be added to the associated WME road segments. '''Speed limits should only be changed in work zones when the change will be in effect for at least 30 days.'''
Add the construction zone speed limit to the affected segments and place a [CONSTRUCTION] note on the map listing the official speed limit so when construction is complete, an editor can easily reset the speed limit.