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'''A Collection of interactive GIS maps for municipalities throughout California.'''
'''Big Caveat''': In April 2015, Google (almost) has completely deprecated a technology called NPAPI in Chrome 42, Firefox has also reduced support for NPAPI with the ultimate goal of removing it. This technology is required to run plugins like Silverlight, Java and others. Firefox has also reduced support for NPAPI as of 30. Many of the links below will require you to allow these plugins to run, by way of a popup in your browserso you may need to open Internet Explorer or Safari to run them.
The [ California Geoportal Viewer] is an all-state viewer, with only a Roads layer. It is very quick and easy to use, but may not be quite as up to date as local maps, though it is usually more accurate on road names than Caltrans Earth. Geoportal requires Silverlight to be installed.
Sutter Creek
==== [ Butte County] ====