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clarified about traffic lighted intersections on Interstates
**This includes all roads classified in FHWA's functional classification as '''Interstates'''.
**This includes three-digit Interstate spurs and loops (e.g., I-610; I-585).
**This includes the [[wikipedia:List of gaps in Interstate Highways#At-grade intersections and traffic lights|few grade-intersected, undivided, and/or narrow portions of the Interstate Highway System]].**This does '''not''' include portions of the Interstate Highway System that are intersected at grade '''with traffic lights'''. [[|(e.g., Interstate 180)]]**This does '''not''' include Interstate Business Loops and Business Spurs (e.g., I-69 Business Loop), '''unless ''' they meet the standards for Other Freeways and Expressways defined below.
*Roads classified in FHWA's functional classification as '''Other Freeways and Expressways''' which meet the criteria of a [[wikipedia:controlled-access highway|controlled-access highway]]:
**No at-grade crossings[ (except for some rural farms) (those crossings '''must not''' have traffic lights)].**No at-grade intersections[ (except for some rural farms) (those intersections '''must not''' have traffic lights)].**No direct property access[ (except for some rural farms)].
**No stop lights (except sometimes on ramps).
**No stop signs(except sometimes on ramps) (e.g., the Bay Bridge westbound onramp from Yerba Buena Island).
**Except at the beginning or end of the controlled-access roadway, connected to other roads exclusively by [[Limited Access Interchange Style Guide|interchanges]]:
***Entrance via ramps only, typically with acceleration zones.