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Your Rank and Points

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NOTE: Occasionally, our system has some delays with updating the points. If you think the points have not updated properly, it's worth checking our status page - - to make sure that there are no current issues with the points system.
== How are points calculated? ==
=== Bonus Point Opportunities ===
There are other ways to earn points. Once you meet the criteria for one of the following tasks below, a message pops up upon running Waze on your device. The message states you've earned a "candy" that contains # points. Simply drive over where the candy is located and the points will be added to your total upon Waze's next ranking update. The bonus points can only be earned once unless otherwise noted.
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!scope="col" width="200"| Task
! Points
! scope="col" width="200"| Notes
| Your first 10 miles || 25 ||
| Top weekly user in your state || 500 ||
| Complete 500 map edits || 750 || Can be obtained multiple timesmore than once. Candy might not pop up until Waze's ranking servers update.
| Drive 500 miles within a week<sup>1</sup> || 1000 ||