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Use of the Parking Lot Road Type
==== Use of the Parking Lot Road Type ====
The Parking Lot Road type exists to allow the mapping of parking lots, while discouraging the routing server from using them for navigationvs. the road network. There Waze has been some discussion about whether it is better to use changed the way that Parking Lot Roads throughout a parking lot, or just on the entrances and exitsroads route as of June 2012One concern with using Parking Lot Roads throughout is that, roads now have a transition penalty when navigating to/transitioning from a destination inside a large lot, every segment incurs a penalty on the desirability of a routeParking Lot road to another road type. As a result, This penalty decreases the server chance that Waze will favor the route involving the fewest through a Parking Lot Road segmentsas a short--which may not be the most direct or convenient route (e.g., a small back entrance off cut but allow better navigation in and out of a minor access road, rather than the main entrance)Parking Lot. Another concern Every segment that is that incurring used to map a large penalty up front (due to multiple Parking Lot Road segments) dilutes the relative effect should be of routing penalties elsewhere, such as breaking turn restrictions or directionality. The proposed solution is to use the Parking Lot Road type only on entrances and exits, and using Street segment type within, minimizing the effects on the routing server. This requires additional vigilance; if two entrances are changed It is not advised to Street type, mix road types within the lot will essentially be open to through traffic. However, until the routing server addresses Parking Lot since this issue of transition penalty dilution, keep this strategy in mind if you are seeing Waze give bad directions when large parking lots are involvedhas been implemented.
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