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Navigation problems

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* When you request a route the [[client device]] app assumes you are continuing in the same direction your last traveled. This is often desirable, but can lead to unnecessarily longer routes when you have a choice of direction from your starting position. We need the option to tell Waze we can leave a starting point in any direction
* The icon display for roundabout directions are incorrect for countries that drive on the left. The spoken instructions are correct
* Group Toll road reports are avoidance is not automatically clearing from the map displayyet supported* My condo complex is right next to the intersection Time of two major highways. An off ramp connecting one highway to the next comes pretty close to the complex. The off ramp does day turn restrictions are not go into the complex, obviously. When I navigate home, Waze sometimes directs me to the middle of the off ramp as my final destinationyet supported* When I started using Waze a couple Roads that switch directions at certain times of weeks ago, I get two or three ways to get from my home to another distination. A week later, I get only one on the app, but two on the website. Now I get only one on both website and app--the one I rather day are not use. * "Avoid toll road" and other options should be included in Waze App.supported