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[[File:Turkey road shield Highway.PNG|right|55px]]* '''Major Highways''' are express roads that are not freeways. In Turkey, most state roads are major highway; they and always starts with D-xxxDXXX. Similar to freeways, there might be an E-x number assigned as well. The latest [http://www * '''Minor Highways''' are mostly maintained by local authorities. There is no standard for road naming.kgmWe use this road type for through-going traffic or for longer distances connecting cities or * '''Ramps''' are entrance and exit roads to highways and have special functions for routing instructions.trSee the explanation on [[Junction_Style_Guide/Sayfalar/KGM/SiteTr/Trafik/TrafikveUlasimBilgileri.aspx directory of motorwaysInterchanges|Interchanges]] and [[At-grade_connectors|other connecting segments]] is from 2014for detailed information.