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When do my roads show up in the Livemap?: Added info on the Last Update on Live Map page
=== When do my roads show up in the Livemap? ===
Generation of the Livemap should tale place daily, but the queue of changes is lengthy, so most map edits should appear in the LiveMap after 10-14 days. However, only the closest zoom level is currently updated regularly. Updates to the map on the Waze client app happen at the same time. From the Waze web application you can look at the Live Map tab and at the lower left of the screen below the map you will see the last update of that map information.
''Newly recorded'' roads will not appear in Livemap until they have been edited in the map editor. This will need to be done by either you or the appropriate Area Manager.
=== When do my roads show up in the Waze app? ===