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Map Editing (new Editor)

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The Map Editors
* '''Cartouche''' is the original editor used prior to the new Waze Map Editor. It is still available until all necessary functions are replicated in Waze Map Editor. The Cartouche editor is sometimes referred to as "old Cartouche," and as with the new editor, there are currently three different servers managing the maps of the world. Be sure to log into the appropriate server when making edits to a particular part of the world. You can use the same username on all servers, but your editing points are managed separately by each server.
** For maps covering North America, Canada and parts some of Northern Mexico, use [ https://'''www''']
** For maps covering all other countries excluding Israel, use [ https://'''world''']
* Place a request to the [ Update Request forums] to unlock that segment by giving them a [[Map_Editing#Permalink|permalink]] with the segment or segments highlighted and a country manager will unlock it for you.
* If you are an [[Area Manager]] of an area which contains that road segment, then you can override the lock from the higher level user.
==Editable Area==