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Banks of Servers

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These function independently of each other, so please specify which one you use when asking questions or reporting issues.
All maps for each region listed above are separate. Anything reported or created on one of these servers will not be visible on the others. Note that you do have a login automatically created on the different servers, so you can mistakenly log into the wrong server and not realize it until you look for your points, groups or prior map changes.
You may find map changes in one server for an area covered by another. This might make you think you are on the right server, but that area is not kept in sync with the primary server. At this time that area is not used by the client app and serves no purpose so do not bother making any changes to it.
If you visit , it should automatically switch you to the correct server. In case the server does not correctly forward you to the right server (for example [[Dashboard]] or [[Map_Editing_(new_Editor)#Editing_Manual|Waze Map Editor]] is not showing the correct amount of points or routes), use one of the links above.