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Road names/USA

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:: '''NOTE:''' In Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi use the US-xx format. California is currently considering this convention as well.
: U.S. Highways will often have local road names (such as Airline Hwy for US Hwy -61 and Claiborne Ave for US Hwy -90, among others). Use these street names as the '''primary''' name for such highways if said name is used for addresses of houses and businesses along the highway.
===State Highways [[Image:State Hwy Sign 35.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:South_Carolina_170.svg.png|38px]] [[Image:Florida_60.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Louisiana 3234.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:Alabama_5.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:MT-sec-326.svg.png|30px]] [[Image:North_Dakota_23.svg.png|30px]]===