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Road names/USA

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United States Numbered Highways 30px: Short form for US highways; US- has been agreed on the standard at meetup, 2 consec. years.
The naming of highways is, of course, somewhat more complex than that of normal roads. Therefore, conventions must be followed to assure consistency throughout the map.
Certain formatting guidelines must be followed to ensure that highway shields are shown in the Live Map and in the client. Note that currently shield generation is not currently operating at 100%, so some areas do not have the shields on all roads. Waze has said that there will eventually be a process allowing map editors to add shields to road segments in a way that is not connected to the name OF that segment.
; US Highways
: Federal highways should be denoted as follows. Note that the trailing N, S, E, W cardinal direction indicator is used for numbered highways and interstates which are split into two 1-way segments, [[Best_map_editing_practice#When_.28Not.29_to_Split_a_Two-Way_Road|per the guidelines]].
: Each state may use a longer or shorter naming format. See the [[Road_naming_by_state|road naming by state]] table for specific formatting of each state.
: Long Names:: '''US Hwy -61 S''' for U.S. Highway 61, Southbound:: '''US Hwy -90 W''' for U.S. Highway 425, Westbound:: '''US Hwy -90 Bus S''' for U.S. Highway 90 Business, Southbound:: '''US Hwy -90 Alt E''' for U.S. Highway 90 Alternate, Eastbound:: '''US Hwy -199 Spur''' for U.S. Highway 199 Spur : Short Names:: Use the '''US-xxx''' format instead of '''US Hwy xxx''' format, but keep the same cardinal, business, etc. extensions as described above.
: Also refer to the [[#Concurrent_names|concurrent names]] section when the highway passes through a city or town that also has a local name for the road.