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Information related to using Waze in the State of xxxxDelaware.
== Cities and Towns ==
There are x Cities and Towns in the state. See [[xxxx]] for proper naming information.
== Major Roads ==
See [[Road Naming (USA)]], [[Road Types (USA)]] and [[xxxx Roads By Type]]
== Landmarks ==
Landmarks in xxxx should follow the guidelines from the state of [[Connecticut]] until the national standards are complete.
== Major Construction Projects ==
See the xxxx forum for a list of '''long term''' road closures and changes to traffic flow that impact the Waze Map.
There is an ongoing discussion regarding all the red light cameras in DE in the [ Waze forums]. Please post any needed updates/changed to red light cameras there, so local AMs and other editors can make appropriate changes. A list of all the state approved red light cameras can be found on the [ DelDOT website].
*'''NOTE''': It is important to check the DIRECTIONALITY of ALL red light cameras. In many (most) cases, the red light camera is only monitoring one direction of traffic. An example of intersection where this is the case can be found at [https US-40 and SR-896].
=== Other Camera Types ===
== To Do List ==
'''NEEDS UPDATE'''Want to help out with the map in xxxxDelaware? Check out the [[To Do - xxxx|To Do List]]. (May be Definitely out of date.)
== Mapping Resources ==
[[xxxx Reference Information]]
[ USA section of Waze Forum]
[ xxxx 575 Delaware section of Waze Forum]