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Interface et contrôles WME

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At the top of the Waze Map Editor you will see the main tool bar. It includes the primary control buttons for the editor.
===Search boxZone de recherche===
[[Image:wme31 757 mohawk columbus oh search results.jpg|left|300px]]
In the wide search box, you can enter an address, city, state, country, landmark, point of interest, or a combination of those. After hitting Enter or clicking the Find button, you will either be taken to the only result, or be given a list of matches from which to select.
===Add ButtonBouton Ajouter===
[[Image:wme31 button add.jpg|left]] Shortcut keys: '''i, o, g, p''' or '''u'''
Details for each of these actions are found in the Editing Manual under their name.
===Save ButtonBouton Sauvegarder===
[[Image:wme31 button save.jpg |left]] [[Image:wme31 button save pending.jpg]] [[Image:wme31 button save pending red.jpg]] Shortcut key: '''Ctrl+s'''
''Once the save operation completes successfully, you cannot Undo previous changes with the Undo button.''
===Undo ButtonBouton Défaire===
[[Image:wme31 button undo.jpg|left]] Shortcut key: '''Ctrl+z'''
===Redo ButtonBouton Refaire===
[[Image:wme31 button redo.jpg|left]] Shortcut key: '''Ctrl+Shift+z'''
===Delete ButtonBouton Supprimer la sélection===
[[Image:wme31 button delete.jpg|left]] Shortcut key: '''Delete (Del)'''
At the left side of the window, below your username, is an area which is both informational and functional. Depending on whether an object is selected, the type of object and how many, different tabs will be available which allow you to view and edit details.
===Tabs with No object selectedOnglets visibles sans objets sélectionnés===
{| style="float:right"
| [[Image:wme31 hey username.jpg|left]]
====Me TabOnglet Moi====
====Drives TabOnglet Trajets====
The Drives tab enables you to see the history of routes you've driven with Waze running. Clicking on an entry will center the map along your route and will zoom out to try and fit your entire route on the screen. Routes over 20 miles will usually not fit on the map display all at once due to scale limitations. Parts of the route that display in red are not currently paved roads. Consider [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Zoom_Control|zooming]] into that area to determine if a road should be added.
From the route display, you can choose to create any segment of your drive which does not already exist. These segments are shown in red. Be careful not to create roads over existing segments. Check the map first!
====Areas TabOnglet Zones====
This list is of the various defined areas of which can perform edits. This is known as your [[editable area]].
====General TabOnglet Général====
The '''General''' tab displays the segment name and alternate names details at the top. Just below that information is an Edit button. More info on that below. On this tab, you can modify the road type, toll road checkbox, direction, level, and lock checkbox. Further down past a seperator line is more general details about the segment(s) which is/are selected.
=====Segment Edit DetailDétails sur la modification de segments=====
When you click on the Edit button, or tap shortcut key 'e', the General tab changes, displaying more detail information and allows you to make changes to the country, state (US only), city and segment name. Next is where you can add or remove any alternate street name information. An alternate name, technically referred to as a "linked street," is used to capture detail such as the state or US route name of a street as it goes through an urban area where it is commonly referred to with a local name. The local name would be put into the primary name field, but the highway name can be entered as an alternate name. An alternate name street must also have the same city as the primary segment.
=====Select Entire StreetSélectionner toute la rue=====
[[Image:Wme_segment_selected.jpg|right]]When you click the button titled "Select Entire Street," or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+a the editor will select all segments connected to the current segment with the same name, city, state, country information. It will also select some segments off the current visible area.
=====Edit House NumbersÉditer les numéros de rue=====
When you click the button titled '''Edit House Numbers''', or use the keyboard shortcut 'h', WME enters the [[House_Numbers_in_WME|House Number editing interface]].
*The '''Edit House Numbers''' button isn't available to click when there are changes which need to be saved. The message, "Save your changes to edit house numbers" appears below the button.
====Add RestrictionsAjout de restrictions====
When you click the button titled '''Add restrictions''', or use the keyboard shortcut 't', WME enters the [[Scheduled Restrictions]] editing interface
===Tabs when a Camera is selectedOnglet visible avec un Radar sélectionné===
[[Image:wme3 camera tab speedcam.png|right]] When a camera is selected, there is a single '''General''' tab which allows you to set the alert speed for a Speed Camera, and also to approve the camera once it is placed in the correct location. Red Light Cameras only need to be placed and approved and have no speed set.
===Tabs when a landmark is selectedOnglet visible avec un POI sélectionné===
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===Tabs when a Gas Onglet visible avec une Station is selected-service sélectionnée===
[[Image:Us gas station landmark.png|right]]
===Info barBarre d'information===
[[Image:wme31 info bar.jpg|700px]]
====Imagerie Satellite Imagery====
[[Image:Aerial_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+i'''
[[Image:cities_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+c'''
[[Image:Road_segments_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+r'''
====Traces GPS points====
[[Image:Gps_tracks_straight_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+g'''
====Area ManagersGestionnaires de Zones====
[[Image:Wme3 area managers layer skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+a'''
====LandmarksPoints d'intérêts====
[[Image:Landmarks_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+l'''
====(Speed) CamerasRadars====
[[Image:Speed_cam_enabled.png]] [[Image:Red-light_cam_enabled.png]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+s'''
====ProblemsProblèmes de carte====
[[Image:Problem_pin_open-low.gif|left]][[Image:Problem_pin_open-med.gif]] [[Image:Problem_pin_open-high.gif]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+p'''
====Update RequestsDemande de mise à jour====
[[Image:Request_pin_open-low.gif|left]][[Image:Request_pin_open-med.gif]] [[Image:Request_pin_open-high.gif]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+u'''
====Editable areasZones modifiables====
[[Image:Editable_area_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+e'''
===Zoom ControlContrôle du zoom===
[[Image:Zoom_controller.png|left]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+UpArrow''', '''Shift+DownArrow'''
{| style="float:left; background: transparent;" width="400"
| [[Image:scale_display.png|left]]