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===Bouton Ajouter===
[[Image:wme31 button add.jpg|left]] Shortcut keysRaccourcis clavier: '''i, o, g, p''' or '''u'''
The Add Button is not really a button, but a menu. You do not need to click on it; just hover your mouse over it and the menu of objects you can add will appear below. Alternately you can use the shortcut keys raccourci claviers for each one:
* r - Road
===Bouton Sauvegarder===
[[Image:wme31 button save.jpg |left]] [[Image:wme31 button save pending.jpg]] [[Image:wme31 button save pending red.jpg]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Ctrl+s'''
The Save button serves two purposes: 1) it displays the current number of changes pending to be saved, and 2) when clicked, it saves all the current changes you have made.
As you make changes, the counter in the Save button increases. Once you have more than 9 changes pending, the text in the icon changes to red as a warning that many unsaved changes may be difficult to save if there is a single error among the changes.
When the button is clicked (or the shortcut key raccourci clavier used), the editor saves all of the current changes you have made. This process is a little more complex than this sounds, but that is what it does. In order to save properly, your browser receives messages back from the Waze server in the event of any errors. If there is an error when saving, the editor will try to give you a detailed error message and a suggestion to fix it. The map view will typically try to show the error area highlighted in a bright circle.
''Once the save operation completes successfully, you cannot Undo previous changes with the Undo button.''
===Bouton Défaire===
[[Image:wme31 button undo.jpg|left]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Ctrl+z'''
The Undo button will undo '''unsaved''' successive previous changes with each click. {{Red|IMPORTANT: Once the Save button is clicked and the save operation is complete, the Undo button has no effect on previous changes.}}
===Bouton Refaire===
[[Image:wme31 button redo.jpg|left]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Ctrl+Shift+z'''
The Redo button will re-apply any changes which have been recently undone with the Undo button.
===Bouton Supprimer la sélection===
[[Image:wme31 button delete.jpg|left]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Delete (Del)'''
The Delete button will delete, or trash, any currently selected objects. If you have multiple objects selected, you will be prompted to confirm the multiple deletion. The only object you can currently multi-select is segments.
=====Détails sur la modification de segments=====
When you click on the Edit button, or tap shortcut key raccourci clavier 'e', the General tab changes, displaying more detail information and allows you to make changes to the country, state (US only), city and segment name. Next is where you can add or remove any alternate street name information. An alternate name, technically referred to as a "linked street," is used to capture detail such as the state or US route name of a street as it goes through an urban area where it is commonly referred to with a local name. The local name would be put into the primary name field, but the highway name can be entered as an alternate name. An alternate name street must also have the same city as the primary segment.
Be sure to review the [[Road_Naming_(USA)|naming convention used in your area]] before changing names.
[[Image:calques.jpg|left]]When clicked, it expands to display the layers or object types which are available for display on the main map. When the box next to the layer name is checked, then that layer is active and being displayed. There is a default shortcut key raccourci clavier defined for each layer, and to make it easy to remember, with one exception: The shortcut is '''Shift+<first letter of layer name>'''. The exception (currently) is the satellite/aerial imagery, which uses the letter '''i''' as the shortcut key raccourci clavier for '''I'''magery.
The four small dots to the left of a layer selector box is a drag handle which allow you to rearrange layers order. That is, which will appear on top of the other. PLEASE NOTE: The layer order is reversed from what we would normally expect. Layers at the bottom of the list are on top of the layers above.
====Imagerie Satellite====
[[Image:Aerial_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+i'''
Waze uses aerial and satellite photography provided by Google.
[[Image:cities_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+c'''
City boundaries as defined by segments assigned to that city are shown in different colors. This layer is helpful in finding segments which are set to the wrong city. Until an area is heavily edited an updated, some city boundaries are likely to be overlapping or appear to be unassociated with any segments.
[[Image:Road_segments_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+r'''
Roads are all of the streets, alleys, highways, and freeways which make up the driveable street system in Waze. Depending on the [[#Zoom_Control|zoom level]], some street types are not displayed so that the map is not too cluttered.
====Traces GPS====
[[Image:Gps_tracks_straight_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+g'''
This layer will show tracks from Waze users as they drive with Waze running. Waze records and plots the GPS coordinate of drivers. This layer is useful for relatively accurate placement of new or moved roads when aerial photography is not yet updated. GPS points appear in the map editor as colored arrows. The direction of travel for a GPS point determine its color, so that all drivers going the same direction will show their points in the same color. This makes it easier to determine errant GPS points, or where a road on the map doesn't follow the actual path of vehicles.
====Gestionnaires de Zones====
[[Image:Wme3 area managers layer skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+a'''
The Area Managers layer shows overlapping colored, named rectangles. These areas represent the areas those users have Area Manager permissions. This layer allows you to identify a user you may wish to send a PM in the forums about a specific issue you noticed in their area, but do not have rights to fix.
====Points d'intérêts====
[[Image:Landmarks_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+l'''
Landmarks are also known as POIs (Points of Interest). These can really be just about anything, but tend to be things like parks, gas stations, cemeteries, transit stations, etc. Landmarks appear in the map editor as colored shapes.
[[Image:Speed_cam_enabled.png]] [[Image:Red-light_cam_enabled.png]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+s'''
Speed cameras, red-light cameras and dummy cameras are shown on this layer. Drivers report camera location and type, and a map editor is required to confirm the existence of the camera, precise location and direction the camera is point before it will appear on the client. Confirmed cameras will pop up a visual and audible alert in the Waze app when approaching a speed or red light camera.
====Problèmes de carte====
[[Image:Problem_pin_open-low.gif|left]][[Image:Problem_pin_open-med.gif]] [[Image:Problem_pin_open-high.gif]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+p'''
The Waze servers are constantly analyzing driver's GPS tracks to determine when there might be a problem with the map and uses the Problems layer to alert the editors. Some types of problems tracked are missing roads, incorrect turns allowed at intersection, wrong direction of road.
====Demande de mise à jour====
[[Image:Request_pin_open-low.gif|left]][[Image:Request_pin_open-med.gif]] [[Image:Request_pin_open-high.gif]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+u'''
These are user-submitted map issues while on the road or from LiveMap. This marker shows the location the user reported the issue from. The user's driven route for a distance before and after the reported location will be shown in bright green. If Waze was in navigation mode at the time of the report, the requested route for a distance before and after the reported location will be shown in purple, with markers along the route with the turn direction given to the user.
====Zones modifiables====
[[Image:Editable_area_skinny.png|260px]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+e'''
Where you can edit is determined primarily by where you have driven. Edit rights are initially granted within a one-mile radius of where you have driven with Waze running. Your editable area is shown in lighter-colored areas surrounded by a black border. Users who are Area Managers will also see their managed areas in a colored highlighted area.
===Contrôle du zoom===
[[Image:Zoom_controller.png|left]] Shortcut keyRaccourci clavier: '''Shift+UpArrow''', '''Shift+DownArrow'''
In the upper left corner, the zoom control is one way to adjust the zoom level, or altitude, or the map display area. Clicking + will move in closer, showing more detail. Clicking - zooms out/higher and removes detail. You can also click and drag the selector in between the + and - buttons.