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Editable Area
==Editable Area==
Your editable area consists of:
* The roads you have driven recently (see note below)* Areas within a certain distance of any location you have driven with Waze running in the past 90 daysthose roads. This How far this distance extends depends on your [[Editing ranks|editing rank]].* Areas in which you have requested to be an are the [[Area Manager]], a privilege you can request if you are at least rank 3. You can edit your assigned area, even if you have not driven a road nearby recently.
You can highlight your editable area on the map by turning on the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Editable_areas|layer for Editable Area]].
Once you have practiced all the functionality, go ahead and log in and try it for real.
==== Note on the definition of "recent" drives ====
Waze records your drives. You can see a history of those drives in the editor. Make sure you have no roads or landmarks selected, and click the Drives link in the side panel.
Short drives are usually added to the Drives list almost immediately. Longer drives may take a day or two to appear.
After a certain period of time, these drives expire. They may still show in your drives list, but Waze will no longer remember the drive details, and the editing area will be removed, unless there is a more recent drive.
You can tell the difference between recent drives and expired drives in the Drives panel. Recent drives are a clickable link which will show the path of the drive. Expired drives show the summary (date, elapsed time, length), but you can't click them.
Drive expiration generally takes place 30-90 days after the drive.
==Map Editing Basics==