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Forest Service Roads

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* allow Waze editors to functionally classify roads by marking them with the appropriate Waze road type (street, 4x4, etc.),
* allow some roads to be marked as private to the USFS,
* allow identification of useful Waze Landmarks Places on USFS land,
* allow time-based restrictions on some roads that are closed in winter.
=== Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) ===
[[file:USFS-legend-1.png | right | 300px]]The key point of the USFS's Travel Management Rule is that motor vehicle use on National Forest System Lands is restricted to designated routes which are shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs). Only routes on the MVUMs should be entered into Wazeas driveable roads. Others may be marked as Walking Trails. Of those roads and trails, only those accessible by passengers or 4x4 vehicles should be mapped. USFS shows trails specifically for motorcycle use only. These should not be added to the Waze map.
MVUMs can be found at the links at the end of this page via PDF maps and also an online GIS system that does not list maintenance level.
[[File:USFS-MVUM-1a.png | right | 500px]]
=== Maintenance Levels & GIS Data ===
|style="text-align:center;" |[[File:USFS-level2b.jpg|250px]]
|- style="vertical-align:center;"
|style="text-align:center;" |Level 1 =<br>Walking Trail<br>or<br>Do Not<br>Map
|style="text-align:center;" |[[File:USFS-level1a.jpg|250px]]
|style="text-align:center;" |[[File:USFS-level1b.jpg|250px]]
===== Editor Discretion =====
Images shown above cannot cover all scenarios for mapping maintenance level to Waze road type. These roads may undergo variation in quality over seasons as well depending on the climate (rain/snow). Particularly, some roads in Level 3 may have attributes that are closer to Dirt Road / 4x4 Trail than street. Editors with local experience or potential Street View images may help in this determination.
== USFS to Waze Classification Mapping ==
==== Mixed Type or Mapping of USFS Roads ====
Note that a a particular Forest Service Road may be only shown on the MVUM for a part of its distance. In such cases mark part of the road per the above table and the remaining portion not on the MVUM as type Private. If a road has mixed types along its length, map them all appropriately in Waze.
=== Maintenance Levels & GIS Data ===
|style="text-align:center;" |Closed
|style="text-align:left;" |Vehicular traffic is prohibited, might be used as a motorized trail for use by motorcycles, etc.
|style="text-align:left;" |Private for existing roads. Do not map new roadsas any driveable type. Map as Walking Trails.
==== Level 5 & Level 3 ====
Note that Levels 5 and 3 may have ambiguity for Waze Editors. This is because there may be large variability in local interpretation of and actual maintenance due to weather and other effect which would determine the road type that is important to Wazers. In rural or some western states, some the very same type of USFS road may be best marked as a Minor Highway or Primary Street whereas in urban areas, they may be interpreted best as streets. Local editors or any available street view should be used to help decide the best mapping. Here are some suggestions.
'''USFS Level 5'''
== Road Naming Conventions ==
There is wide variability in existing road names for roads on USFS land. Formal USFS road names you might see include "Forest Rd XXX," "Fire Service XXX," "F S XXX," "Nat For Dev Rd," "Forest Rte XXX," and "Forest Svc Rd." Those that have significant public or popular use may have local road names with road signs. State highways and county roads may traverse USFS land, and will be named under conventions for those types of roads.
=== USFS Naming Conventions ===
* Public highways and county roads should be named under conventions for the state or region. Do not use a USFS road number/name for these roads.
* USFS roads on the MVUMs with popular names as shown on posted road signs should be named per the road signage. Note that the MVUMs do not usually show these popular names. Use street-view or drive by the location to verify before changing names from a popular name to a USFS road number/name.
* USFS roads on the MVUMs that are not named or with an alternative naming convention should be named "FS-XXXX" where XXXX is the USFS road name on the MVUM. For example, main FS-333 road might have stub roads FS-333A through FS-333E.'''(NOTE: THIS NAMING STANDARD IS CURRENTLY UNDER DISCUSSION/REVIEW 15 MAR 2015)'''* Fire Service Roads, roads designated for Forest Fire services, shall also use the "FS-XXX" designation
== USFS Landmarks Places for Waze ==
Resources at USFS websites or USFS maps may be useful at correctly naming and adding USFS landmarks Places to the Waze Map. USFS MUVMs contain names of campgrounds and other items of interest. The following convention is suggested for some landmark Places types. Please refer to the other Waze landmark standards (link TBD) [ Places Wiki page] for additional more guidanceon how now to create an Area or Point "Place" and categories to choose.
{| class="wikitable" cellpadding="10"
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|style="text-align:center;" |<b>USFS Item</b>
|style="text-align:center;" |<b>Waze Landmark Place Type</b>|style="text-align:center;" |<b>How to place Waze LandmarkPlace</b>
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|style="text-align:center;" |Campground<br>[[file:USFS-icon-campground.png |25px]]
|style="text-align:center;" |Outdoors-Park|style="text-align:left;" |Create landmark an Area Place to boarder of camping area including all roads and campsites. Name the landmark Place the specific name of the campground as seen on the MVUM.
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|style="text-align:center;" |Picnic Area<br>[[file:USFS-icon-picnicarea.png |25px]]
|style="text-align:center;" |Outdoors-Park|style="text-align:left;" |Create landmark and Area Place to boarder of picnic area and associated parking lot. Name the landmark Place the specific name of the picnic area as seen on the MVUM.
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|style="text-align:center;" |Information Site<br>[[file:USFS-icon-infosite.png |25px]]
|style="text-align:center;" |Government / Municipal BuildingProfessional and public-Information Point|style="text-align:left;" |This may be a ranger station or visitor center. Create landmark to boarder of buildings and a Point Place on the associated parking lotbuilding. Name the landmark Point Place the specific name of the ranger station, visitor center, or other item as seen on the MVUM.
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|style="text-align:center;" |Other POIs
|style="text-align:center;" |Outdoors-Park (usually)|style="text-align:left;" |USFS lands hold a number of other Points of Interest that might be appropriate to landmarkcreate Places. This information may not be shown on a MVUM, but of interest to Wazers and available through other means or observation. Landmark Create a Place as appropriate.
=== Similar Road Systems ===
* [ [Indian Reservation Roads]]* [[Bureau_of_Land_Management_(BLM) |Bureau of Land Management]]* [ [National Park Service]]
== References ==