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==The Road Maps History==
The Waze map was started in many countries by importing publicly available road data. This data was fairly accurate in geometry, but could be out of date. It also did not include some details vital for a navigation system such as permitted travel direction, and distinctions between driveable drivable roads and non-driveable drivable ways, such as railroads and canals. The imported maps also did not indicate if a junction or bridge was present where roads crossed. Waze defaulted to a junction in all cases, and even though turn restrictions may show as being in place at these junctions, all turns are actually allowed if the segments have never been edited. This set of data was enough to get started, but definitely needed updating and maintenance.
This is where two key aspects of the Waze system come into play:
* [[Map Editing Tips and Hints]]
* [[Map Editor Interface and Controls]]
* [[How to label Road types and name roadsnames]]
* [[Update Requests in Waze Map Editor]]
* [[Map Problems in Waze Map Editor]]
* [[Updating the map]]
* [[Editing rank]]
* [[How to handle road Road closures]] due to long-term construction, natural disasters, etc.
* [[How to add ferries]] (TO DO)
* [[Ferries]]
==Using External sources (such as Google Imagery)==
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