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This template is added to pages that are undergoing major changes or initial developments.
=== Usage ===
Place {{tl|construction}} at the top of a new page to produce the default message box.
=== Parameters ===
:If the talk page is currently being or will be used for initial thoughts on the page, use {{para|<var>talk</var>|<var>yes</var>}} to display: <code>{{Template:Mbox/Text/Talk}}</code>
=== Examples ===
Review the page [[Template:Construction/Examples]] for how some of the parameter combinations will look on a page.
=== Where used ===
Editors can find all occurrences of this template with the link to [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Construction|what links here for the Construction template]].
=== Category added ===
This template will automatically add the [[:Category:Construction]] to the page for tracking. The parameter {{para|<var>revision</var>|<var>yes</var>}} will add [[:Category:Revision]], otherwise it will add [[:Category:New]].
== See also ==
* {{tl|mbox}}