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Waze Map Editor

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== The Map Editor ==
Waze is currently using its second generation map editing interface (covered in this article). Known as the '''Waze Map Editor''' (or WME for short), it is the default editor for Waze since September 19, 2011. This editor interface was functionally upgraded with [[Update Requests in Waze Map Editor#Communication|Update Request Conversations]] and [[Scheduled Partial restrictions|Scheduled Segment and Turn Restrictions]] on November 3, 2013. There are currently [[Banks of Servers|three different server farms]] managing the maps of the world. Be sure to select the appropriate server when making edits to a particular part of the world. You can use the same username on all servers, but your editing points are managed separately by each server. Also the maps are not synchronized between the servers, so for example if you went to the North America server to modify parts of Europe, the different server supporting Wazers in Europe would not see your changes.