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Ohio/Mapping conventions

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Marking temporary changes: updated with live-map note technique
==Marking temporary changes==
When making a change to the map to reflect temporary road closure/restrictions, make a note of the change in a prominent position adjacent to the changed roadway. The easiest A good way to do this is to make by creating a non-directional railroad track problem report from the LiveMap (which is invisible click on the "Live Map" link from the editor, then click in the clientan area adjacent to your change and click on "Report a problem") and use the streetname to leave a note for subsequent editors (e.g., something like "BRIDGE OUT UNTIL AUGUST 2024per http:<code>/</code>/odot/some-such-page. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE UNTIL ROADWAY IS RESTORED"-- with the last bit to help discourage new editors from erroneously "solving" the UR).
If the temporary change will last more than a few weeks and/or is in an area that isn't actively managed, consider adding it to the [[Ohio/Construction]] page.