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Australian City Names

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"Smudged" Australian Cities: Tidied up Smudged city link
These incorrect labels may be the result of an incorrect filled-in '''City''' field that has extended that City well beyond of where it should be (a "Smudged" city), or it might be a Zombie City. Zombie cities are shown on the map, but you can't locate a '''Street''' or a '''Landmark''' that has this City and sufficient time has elapsed for the old '''City''' name to have been flushed in a tile update. Make sure that you check Railroad street segments as well, as they don't seem to be picked out in WME Color Highlights as belonging to a particular City.
The main Wiki has a page specifically written to identify city names in inappropriate places - "smudged" cities at: [http://www.waze[Smudged city]].com/wiki/index.php/Fixing_%22smudged%22_cities Smudge Cities Link]
Occasionally, even if you have fixed up all the City fields, there may remain a city label that remains for no good reason. If you do find such a label, raise it as an issue in the [ Waze Australian Support Forums], and this might have to be escalated as an issue to the Australia Waze Community Manager - currently Amit(user 'amitbena') - if nobody else can fix the issue.