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There is a significant amount of information organized in the wiki. In fact, nearly every question about Waze has already been asked already, and nearly every answer is in the wiki. That's why it's been created: to answer your questions.
If you are a new editor, take time to read the [[editing manual ]] and use the editor in Practice mode, practicing the functions you would if you were logged in, but without the worry of permanently messing something up. {{clear}} Here's some things to test out in Practice Mode:
*Add, delete, update segments.
[[File:Wme practice mode bottom bar.png|center|Wme practice mode bottom bar.png]] {{clear}}
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== Map Editing Basics ==
#Click the Save button
You can also modify or delete existing map objects. You do this by selecting an object, then modifying its geometry, location or properties. What is possible with each object depends on the type of object. The [[Waze Map Editor#Editing Manual|Editing Manualmanual]] is where you will find all the details necessary to understand all the editor functionality. 
== Permalink ==
== Keyboard Shortcuts ==
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Please see the [[Timeline of updating process]] page for more detail on the various processes Waze runs and the expected update timing.
== Editing Manual ==
''See the [[Editing manual]] page.''
== Style Guides ==