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Exit ramps and entrance ramps (on-ramps)
For '''Exit Ramps''', if an exit is:
*'''''Signed and numbered''''' - name the exit ramp as follows:
*::Exit <small>{{color|[number]|color=gray}}</small>''':''' <small>{{color|[Shields separated with slashes]|color=gray}}</small> '''/''' <small>{{color|[Control Cities separated by slashes]|color=gray}}</small> '''/''' <small>{{color|[street names separated by slashes]|color=gray}}</small>*::<small>(all signed items separated by a slash, with a space on each side of the slash.)</small>
*::'''''Ex:''''' Exit&nbsp;24:&nbsp;US-103&nbsp;/&nbsp;Schwarzenegger&nbsp;Rd
*:'''''Note:''''' If an exit number contains one or more letters, include it exactly as displayed on the sign: "Exit&nbsp;33B:&nbsp;Running&nbsp;Man&nbsp;St", or "Exits&nbsp;35C-B-A:&nbsp;Junior&nbsp;Dr&nbsp;/&nbsp;Twins&nbsp;Ave&nbsp;/&nbsp;Jingle&nbsp;Allthe&nbsp;Way". - ''Separate sub-exit letters with a hyphen. Do not leave spaces between the hyphen and the adjacent characters.''