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[[file:nevada-county-map.gif|thumb|Counties of Nevada]]
| text = Google has deprecated a technology called NPAPI in Chrome 42, and plans to drop it entirely at some point. This technology is required to run plugins like Silverlight, Java and others. Firefox has also reduced support for NPAPI as of 30. Many of the links below will require you to allow these plugins to run, by way of a popup in your browser. Some of the sites below use Silverlight, and will be affected by this change.
* [ Carson City Public GIS]
* [ 452972042a6d4206a36265c2b249f683 Churchill County Tax Parcels (Interactive GIS)]
* [ Clark County GIS Mapping Office (GISMO) OpenWeb]
* [ Douglas County Public GIS]
* [ Lander County GIS Interactive Map]
* [ Lincoln County Web Map Room (Interactive GIS)] - This viewer only seems to work properly in Internet Explorer. Chrome users can use the [ ''IE Tab'' extension] to view the map.
* [ public/ Lyon County Assessor's Office, Mapping Division] - Unfortunately, it appears that Lyon County does not make any map data available online. They will, however, sell printed map information at 25 cents per page....** [ FernleyPublic GIS Viewer] has GIS maps available in PDF format
* [ Mineral County Assessor's Office] - No online GIS data available.
* [ Nye County Interactive GIS]
* [ Pershing County Assessor's Office] is another site which does not appear to have any online has GIS data in an [ interactive map data ] available. Click the option to login as guest.* [ Story Storey County Assessor's Office] has some parcel maps and the ability to search their database by property owner or parcel number, but no GIS map (interactive or otherwise) available via their site.
* [ Washoe County Interactive Quick Map (GIS)]
* [ White Pine County GIS Plat Map]
=== Other Resources (non-Street Address) ===
* [ Nevada 511 Online] - Road construction and other information in Nevada (interactive map)
* [ NV DOT City Maps]
: Within the NV DOT website are also official city maps which may assist assigning street names when the GIS from the County doesn't exist.
* [ BLM Nevada Maps]
* [ BLM Southern NV dirt route maps]
: The purpose of links to BLM road resources is to adjust highway vehicle accessible roads. We do not need to map ATV/motorcycle/bike/hiking trails, and in no case should they be connected to or end near a navigable road.
* [ Nevada Forest Service Road Maps]
# NOT MAPPED - Trails open to all (full size) vehicles (trails may be rugged and narrow- intended for jeeps)
# NOT MAPPED - Trails open to motorcycles only (single track).
* [ Nevada Functional Class Graphical Maps]
Nevada uses [ Road Types/USA] to determine the classification of "road type" of roads in WME. While there has been a little bit of confusion regarding the road types based on common sense. If you read the wiki, Nevada uses the DOT guidelines for the purpose of navigation routing and not based on the given name of the road. Nevada has a lot of graded gravel roads which are technically considered primary roads within WME. Before changing a road type to anything less than that which is assigned in the NV DOT functional classification check with area manager, state manager, or country managers within the Nevada Forum.
* [ NV DOT City Maps]
Within the NV DOT website are also official city maps which may assist assigning street names when the GIS from the County doesn't exist.