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Mapping Resources
== Mapping Resources ==
'''Please add more county mapsHere are some examples of resources that we cannot use because of copyright restrictions'''. See [[Using_external_sources]] for a general discussion of the problem. You can contact the copyright holders, representing no-one but yourself, and asking them to create a copyright/license notice that would allow anyone to freely use the information without attribution. The Waze team is working to come up with an allowed list of online mapping resources.* [ Delaware Road Closures And Restrictions] -- [ contact Deldot]
* SR-1/I-95 construction near the Christiana Mall:
** [ The planned final product] -- [ contact Deldot]** [ How to Exit the mall (December 2012)] -- [ contact Deldot]
* Maps/street names/addresses in Delaware:
**[ '''New Castle County''' GIS Viewer]. Click and then click on a parcel to see its address, and follow "parcel details" to get to the "view map" permalink.-- [ Contact New Castle County GIS services]**'''Kent County'''-- [ Contact Kent County DE]
***[ Kent County Online Map Viewer]. This is really hard to use.
*** [ Kent County Bike Map]
**'''Sussex County'''-- [ contact Sussex county government offices]]
***[ Sussex County Web Mapping Application]. Pro tip: many streets outside Sussex are searchable through this app.
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