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Orte und Navigationspunkte

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Point placement
== Setzen eines Navigationsendpunkts für einen ''Ort'' ==
=== Point placement Platzieren eines Navigationspunkts ===
[[File:wme_point_place_at_front_door.png|thumb|Point Place marker placed at the front door of a businessNavigationsendpunkt beim Haupteingang eines Geschäfts.]] The Point Place is to be placed on or nearest to the segment to which the driver should be navigated. The Waze routing server will navigate the Wazer onto the segment which is physically closest to where the point is placed. <u>The Point Marker is the stop point</u>. Typically, if the Place is inside a building, the marker should be located at or near the location's front door. Think: where would a car stop to drop someone off for this location.
==== Moving a Point Place ====