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A Collection of interactive GIS maps for municipalities throughout California.
The [ California Geoportal Viewer] is an all-state viewer, with only a Roads layer. It is very quick and easy to use, but may not be quite as up to date as local maps, though it is usually more accurate on road names than Caltrans Earth. Geportal requires Silverlight to be installed.
[ Caltrans Earth] contains a wealth of layers. Of these, the most useful to Waze Map Editing currently include: Roads (see caveat above), Functional Classification, Cities, Counties, Highway Exit Numbers, Railroads and Airports, Park and Ride lots and Rest Areas. Also of limited use: Lane Closures (FAR from comprehensive), CHP Incidents, Traffic Cams and Highway Message Signs (current message can be displayed), and certain Caltrans projects (again, FAR from a complete listing). Caltrans Earth requires installation of the Google Earth plugin, currently available only on Apple and Windows platforms.
''Note: In most cases, the links below will land you on the map itself, but sometimes it is is necessary to accept a disclaimer before viewing the map. A few maps require the use of Internet Explorer (noted), others require installation of the Silverlight plugin. Where there is no '''County''' interactive viewer, static map pages are linked and so indicated by italics. A few counties do not yet publish online maps; use the Geoportal Viewer for these. ''