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Practice Mode
The Waze Map Editor has a Practice mode in which you can perform nearly every action available when logged into the Editor, except that you cannot save any changes. In order to save changes, you must log in. Practice mode is helpful to and should be used by users who are new to map editing in Waze. The editor, while in Practice mode, has icons/buttons and links on the left sidebar area shown here to the left.
There is a significant amount of information organized in the wiki. In fact, nearly every question about Waze has already been asked, and nearly every answer is in the wiki. That's why it's been created: to answer your questions.
If you are a new editor, take time to read the [[editing manual]] and use the editor in Practice mode, practicing the functions you would if you were logged in, but without the worry of permanently messing something up. {{clear}} Here's some things to test out in Practice Mode: