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Forest Service Roads

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==== Mixed Type or Mapping of USFS Roads ====
Note that a a particular Forest Service Road may be only shown on the MVUM for a part of its distance. In such cases mark part of the road per the above table and the remaining portion not on the MVUM as type Private. If a road has mixed types along its length, map them all appropriately in Waze.
=== Maintenance Levels & GIS Data ===
|style="text-align:center;" |Closed
|style="text-align:left;" |Vehicular traffic is prohibited, might be used as a motorized trail for use by motorcycles, etc.
|style="text-align:left;" |Private for existing roads. Do not map new roadsas any driveable type. Map as Walking Trails.
* Public highways and county roads should be named under conventions for the state or region. Do not use a USFS road number/name for these roads.
* USFS roads on the MVUMs with popular names as shown on posted road signs should be named per the road signage. Note that the MVUMs do not usually show these popular names. Use street-view or drive by the location to verify before changing names from a popular name to a USFS road number/name.
* USFS roads on the MVUMs that are not named or with an alternative naming convention should be named "FS-XXXX" where XXXX is the USFS road name on the MVUM. For example, main FS-333 road might have stub roads FS-333A through FS-333E.'''(NOTE: THIS NAMING STANDARD IS CURRENTLY UNDER DISCUSSION/REVIEW 15 MAR 2015)'''
* Fire Service Roads, roads designated for Forest Fire services, shall also use the "FS-XXX" designation
=== Similar Road Systems ===
* [ [Indian Reservation Roads]]* [[Bureau_of_Land_Management_(BLM) |Bureau of Land Management]]* [ [National Park Service]]
== References ==