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== Mission ==
Our primary mission will be are to handle the following (in order of priority):# URs, and PURs, followed by Place # Places validation, and general # [[#Functional.2FRoad_Classification|Road Classification Conversion]]# General map verification::* Missing Street Names (assisted by [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Color_Highlights_.28WMECH.29|WME Color Highlights]])::* Elevation (assisted by [[Community_Plugins,_Extensions_and_Tools#WME_Toolbox|WME Toolbox]])<br> 
=== Raid Areas ===
 '''Please do not alter any of the following road ''types'' without first consulting a [[#Local Hosts | Local Host]]''': Freeway, Ramp, Major Highway, Minor Highway, Primary Street.You may edit these roads, but do not change the type of the segment. '''Anything locked at 5 or 6?''' Please check with a local editor before making changes.<!br />If you are a rank 5 or 6 editor -consider keeping highlights active for locks 5 and 6. '''Close nodes''' We make extensive use of the "micro- add dogleg" technique, where a geometry node is carefully placed, at full zoom, directly next to a junction node, in order to set the angle to create a desired Turn/Stay/Exit prompt. Please watch for these if you move any important information pertaining junction node, and be sure to recreate the raid here -->same angle at the new location.
==Local Guidance==
{{Lock Standard State|MA}}
===Functional Classification===
<!-- status of FC implementation, if applicable -->Functional Classification is partially complete within the state.
===Place Editing===
<!PUR should be reviewed for accuracy, once approved all relevant information pertaining to the place should be entered. Please use each company's website to gather all information you can. Once a place is complete please lock to rank 3. If your own editor rank is 1 or 2, let someone else know via Slack, since you can't lock to rank 3. This practice will prevent app trusted users and most IGN editors from making incorrect changes to places we know are right. App trusted users and IGN editors are rarely rank 3. Following are general standards for place locking in Massachusetts: === Update Requests (URs) === For the purpose of the MapRaid we will be using a 5-- describe how places day response time. Once initial contact is attempted you will be allowed to close the UR after 5 days. Reminder comments can be used within the five days. The clock used to close the UR will be handled during from the initial '''MapRaid''' contact. Reminder comments do not reset the raid closure clock.  e.g. <br><br>2014-12-05 UR is opened<br>2014-12-15 Local editor comment<br>2015-01-25 Initial MapRaid comment<br>2015-01-28 MapRaid reminder comment<br>2015-01-30 UR can be closed. Before closing the UR, please make all attempts to solve the UR before closing it as 'Not Identified'. Even if there is no reporter response, use the report type, description, route and GPS traces, streetview and other resources to diagnose the problem.  <br>{{Red|Those found closing UR's before 5 days as "Not Identified" will be removed from the Raid.}}
==Mapping Resources==
== Communication ==
<!-- add the prefered The preferred method of communication -->for this Raid will be a web based program called "Slack". This program has many advantages over Google Hangouts. If you aren't already a member of the Waze Map Raid Slack then please submit your information on this form: You will receive an invitation in your email within 24 hours.
== Reference Links ==
== Mapraid MapRaid edit lists ==
Spreadsheets and forms are being used to streamline management of various group efforts and track important edits. Below you can find links to use these these forms, sheets, and see the lists.