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Benelux Places

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When to use Area or Point in the BeNeLux
Exceptions to the minimum area size for the use of an Area Place, are [[Benelux_Places#Parking_Lots|Parking Lots]] and [[Benelux_Places#Gas_Stations|Gas Stations]], which receive special handling and are to this moment always drawn as Areas.<br />
All places are thus generally drawn as a Point Place, except when they are large and distinctive enough to help in the orientation during driving, which will often be the case with an Event Center, Factory, Hospital, Office, Camping, Shopping malls, Museums (e.g.,Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), Monuments (e.g., Mardasson, Bastogne), Schools, Tourist Site, Attraction, or Stadium. They are mapped as areas at the building outline and usually don't cover streets. Keep in mind the minimum area size for the decision to draw an Area instead of a Point. Every other Place destination, that is not a Parking Lot or a Gas Station, should be Points.<br />
The table of categories at the bottom of this page provides guidelines also gives a guideline to choose between point and area places, according to their category and , sub-categoryand probable area size.
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