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Boots on the ground
== Welcome to Louisiana! ==
The group will be is divided into XX teams, one for each section, and two exclusive 10 teams; one to handle PURs, the other for the Waze provided problem sheet. Each team will have their own assigned senior editor (rank level 6, or 5) who will be able to edit anywhere in the Raid area, but will focus on their assigned section.
=== Raid areas ===
The MapRaid! is being divided up by into 10 teams. You can see The team areas are shown in the ## <!---- insert interactive google map link here ----> ## with all below; below the teams, and PUR areas drawn out ## <!---- inserted google map PUR here ----> ##are links to points within each team area
==== Raid groups ====
!!!!!!!! IMAGE ##[[File:LA_MMR.JPG|600px|]]{{clear}}[ PUR areas 1 Raid Area 1][ Raid Area 2][ Raid Area 3][ Raid Area 4][ Raid Area 5][ Raid Area 6][ Raid Area 7][ Raid Area 8][ Raid Area 9]!!!!!!!!! IMAGE IF NEEDED ##[ Raid Area 10]
== Mission ==
{{MapRaid Mission|area=Northern and Central Louisiana|DOT=state DOT's|compliancy=has been largely but not fully implemented|authority=local champ}}
The following is a nonexhaustive list of edits that should be done in your area, in order of priority, from highest to lowest:
* Ensure proper connectivity, directionality, and numbering of Louisiana's U.S. and state highways.
** Don't worry about the format of U.S. and state highway names, just make sure the number is right. {{Username|sketch}} will run a script at the end of the raid to correct the naming format on Louisiana's highways.
* Ensure proper connectivity, directionality, naming, and the existence of other roads.
** GIS, Street View, and aerials, among other things, are helpful here.
** Be careful when deleting roads. Even if a road does not exist in Street View or GIS, that may not be enough reason to delete it—consult your team leader or a local host. Only delete roads if they ''undoubtedly'' do not exist.
* Add railroads. Many of them have not been added. Railroad names are usually available in [[#Highway maps|LaDOTD's Parish Maps]].
* Add bridges on all roads except freeways. See [[#Elevation]].
* Add Parking Lot Roads at shopping centers and drive-thrus.
* Add U turns where necessary. See [[#U turns]].
This is not an exhaustive list! If you see a problem, fix it.
== Local hosts ==
'''Anything locked at 5 or 6?''' Please check with a local editor before making changes. Level 5 and 6 editors: consider keeping highlights active for level 5 and 6 locks.
'''Close Hard-to-find geometry nodes.''' We often use "doglegs" to force a "Turn" instruction, instead of a "Stay" or "Exit" instruction, on certain connectors and at certain intersections. This involves a geometry node carefully placed directly next to a junction node, in order to set the correct angle. You may need to zoom in to see this geometry node. Please watch for these if you move any junction node, and be sure to recreate the same angle at the new location.
== Local guidance ==
Don't worry about elevations on freeways, as that is mostly aesthetic and will be handled by Louisiana's resident champs. If you come across a bridge, however, on a non-freeway, please cut the segment to create a segment for the bridge and raise the elevation of the bridge segment to 1.
_____ IMAGES______[[File:LABridge.png|550px|center|border]]
=== Place editing ===
Places from both editors and trusted users have become a major issue. Misspelled names, incorrect categories, missing addresses (EVERY business place should have an address!!), incorrect locations, and mismatched photos are all over the map. Use the powerful Place Browser (link below) and the information on the [[California/Places | '''Place editing''']] page to get these places correctedcorrect them.
'''==== Gas Stations'''<br>====
All gas stations in Louisiana have already been edited and locked to 4 with parking lot roads. Do '''not''' delete parking lot roads in gas stations!!!
If you find any problems with a gas station, contact a local host.
=== Complex intersections ===
There are many complicated intersections in Los Angeles which should not be edited without consulting a local senior editor, even if the presence of URs seems to indicate problems. Some of these intersections have been carefully refined to achieve the best Waze performance, which can involve years of testing, adjustment, and experimentation. Others are locations which are currently under construction, and daily changes to the physical roads cause Wazers to report problems which will no longer exist by the time our edits could take effect. We have done our best to lock the most important of these intersections to Rank 6. When dealing with URs at these locations, please keep in mind that few, if any, additional road changes are required. Again, please consult with a [[#Local Hosts | Local Host]] before making changes.
=== Toll roads, HOV, etc. ===
There are no toll roads or HOV lanes in the Raid area.
=== Left turns at intersections without traffic signals ===
=== Construction ===
A number of construction projects are underway in the Raid area. Some of these involve road closures. If you learn of any road closures that have not been entered on the map, contact {{Username|sketch}}. LINKS: See [,roadReports,weatherWarnings,ferryReports Louisiana DOT Traveler Information]for closure and construction information.
=== U turns ===
[[File:UturnOK.png|400px|right|border]]Roads '''divided in fact ''but '' mapped as undivided in Waze''': Enable the U turns at every intersection where they are not specifically disallowed.
[[File:Uturnundiv.png|400px|right|border]]Roads '''undivided in fact''': U turns may be enabled where the road is wide enough to enable the driver of a normal automobile to safely make a U turn '''and''' where U turns are not specifically disallowed.
[[File:Uturnseg.png|250px|right|border]]Roads '''divided in fact ''and '' in Waze ''' (divided highways/dual carriageways): If a divided roadway has a dedicated U turn segment in between the sides of the roadway (where the segment in the median connects only to the two sides of the roadway and nothing else), name the segment '''"U turn"'''. No hyphen, lowercase t. This is the rule in Louisiana.
The road type should be Street, unless the U turn segment is part of a [[At-grade connectors#Median U turn intersection (MUTI)|median U turn intersection]].
[[File:UturnPLR.png|250px|right|border]]Simple '''parking lot roads connected to two different major roads''': For simple parking lot roads connected to two different major roads, as many gas station PLRs are, enable the U turns at either end of the parking lot road. This will enable drivers in the near future to be sent out of the parking lot the faster way, rather than simply the way that Waze thinks they are facing.
=== Parking lot roads ===
Parking Add parking lot roads are favored in Louisiana. Add parking lots for medium-to-large malls and shopping centers, all restaurant and bank drive-thrus, and anywhere that a Place is closer to the road behind it than to the road its parking lot connects to. Add parking lot roads in other parking lots where it would be helpful for routing.
=== UR & MP guidance ===
=== Highway maps ===
At the beginning of the raid, download the [ LaDOTD's Parish Maps] for all the parishes in your team's area. These maps are very helpful for verifying Louisiana's state highways and some other roads. Scroll down to To make this easier, ZIP files containing the Parish Mapsrelevant parish maps have been created for each group. This raid takes place in DOTD Districts 04, 05, 08, and 58, comprising the following parishes:
An overview map showing all of Louisiana's parishes is available here: [ 04: %20Maps/DOTD_Districts_Parishes_Letter.pdf DOTD Districts Parishes]{| class="wikitable"|-! Team 1 !! Team 2 !! Team 3 !! Team 4 !! Team 5|-|Bossier<br>Caddo|Bienville, <br>Bossier, Caddo, <br>Claiborne, De Soto, Red River, <br>Lincoln<br>Ouachita<br>Union<br>WebsterDistrict 05: |Morehouse<br>Ouachita<br>Richland<br>Union|Catahoula<br>East Carroll, Jackson, Lincoln, <br>Franklin<br>Madison, <br>Morehouse, Ouachita, <br>Richland, Union, <br>Tensas<br>West CarrollDistrict 08|Caldwell<br>Catahoula<br>Franklin<br>La Salle<br>Ouachita<br>Richland|-| [ Team 1 ZIP]| [ Team 2 ZIP]| [ Team 3 ZIP]| [ Team 4 ZIP]| [https: Avoyelles, // Team 5 ZIP]|} {| class="wikitable"|-! Team 6 !! Team 7 !! Team 8 !! Team 9 !! Team 10|-|Bienville<br>Bossier<br>Caddo<br>De Soto<br>Jackson<br>La Salle<br>Lincoln<br>Natchitoches<br>Ouachita<br>Red River<br>Webster<br>Winn|Bossier<br>Caddo<br>De Soto<br>Red River<br>Sabine|De Soto<br>Grant, <br>La Salle<br>Natchitoches, <br>Rapides (partial), <br>Sabine, <br>Vernon, <br>WinnDistrict 58: Caldwell, |Allen<br>Beauregard<br>Evangeline<br>Rapides<br>Sabine<br>Vernon|Avoyelles<br>Catahoula, <br>Concordia, Franklin, <br>Evangeline<br>La Salle, Tensas<br>Pointe Coupee<br>Rapides<br>St. Landry<br>West Feliciana|-| [ Team 6 ZIP]| [ Team 7 ZIP]| [ Team 8 ZIP]| [ Team 9 ZIP]| [ Team 10 ZIP]|}
=== GIS and local maps ===
GIS and/or local maps are available for some of the areas covered by the Raid.{| class="wikitable"|-! GIS available !! GIS not available|-|
:[ Avoyelles Parish]
:[ Bienville Parish]
:[ Bossier Parish](incl. Bossier City):[ Caddo Parish]:Caldwell Parish – not found(incl. Shreveport)
:[ Catahoula Parish]
:[ Claiborne Parish]
:[ Concordia Parish]
:[ De Soto Parish]
:East Carroll Parish – not found
:Franklin Parish – not found
:Grant Parish – not found
:Jackson Parish – not found
:[ La Salle Parish]
:[ Lincoln Parish]
:Madison Parish – not found
:Morehouse Parish – not found
:Natchitoches Parish – [ login required]
:Ouachita Parish – not found
:[ Rapides Parish]
:[ Red River Parish]
:[ Sabine Parish]
:[ Tensas Parish]
|:Caldwell Parish:East Carroll Parish:Franklin Parish:Grant Parish:Jackson Parish:Madison Parish:Morehouse Parish:Natchitoches Parish – [ login required]:Ouachita Parish (incl. Monroe):Union Parish – not found:Vernon Parish – not found
:Webster Parish – [ login required]
:West Carroll Parish – not found:Winn Parish – not found|}
== Reference links ==
=== Recommended tools for MapRaid ===
* The [ # # OVERLAY SCRIPT?? # # ] is available on GreasyFork to indicate the Group areas on the map as you work. You will need TamperMonkey (Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (Firefox) to install and use this.
* [ UR Comments] - a tremendous time and labor saving tool with automation and integration with URO+, to help with working URs. Read the documentation.
* ## [ PLACE BROWSER?? ## ] - In combination with the Place Name Harmonization list, this is an invaluable tool for working on existing places. Be sure to click the About tab to get an overview of the tool.
* The [ WME Reference Sheet<sup><small><nowiki>[PDF]</nowiki></small></sup>] is a printable double-sided tri-fold quick reference guide to some of the common topics used in WME.
* [ WME Chat Addon] is a script that improves the WME chat GUI. For a list of all the features check the thread [ here].
Note: Tampermonkey/Greasmonkey is required to use this script.
{{Mbox|type=forum|text=Click [ here to view the MapRaid! LA forum] thread}}
== MapRaid edit lists ==
<!---- Boots on the ground will be handled by the main MMR page. Insert the link here --->
First, try the local slack channel for your area: '''#mmr-louisiana'''
If you don't have success there, you can post a request to the '''Boots on the Ground''' sheet, to be explored by local editors. To place a new request, or respond to an existing request, please use [// this form].
[// View this list full-screen in Google Sheets]
'''''New feature:''''' Boots responders can click the '''Navigation Link''' on a Waze-enabled device, or copy and send/save it for later use. It will open Waze and navigate to the coordinates at the center of the permalink.
== Results ==
| type = speculation
| text = [ #MapRaidLA Hall of Fame]}}
== MapRaid promotions ==
The following editors have all earned our respect, and gratitude for a job well done. Not all received a promotion, but all were noticed and appreciated.
== Teams Groups =={{Anchor|Team assignments|Teams}}Future..{{MapRaid teams/MMR Louisiana}}
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